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Step 4

We support our stakeholders comprehensively and are available to everyone, even after a contract has been entered into successfully. Sustainable, long-term placement of staff is our ultimate goal. With this in mind, our clients can continue to come to us with any type of concern, whether professional or private.

Step 3

Our large network in the healthcare industry and our corresponding expertise enables us to evaluate suitable job offers and then discuss them personally with the person seeking employment. When positions are found in which the person seeking employment is interested, we will then put them in contact with the employer.

Step 2

After reviewing the file, we will personally contact the person seeking employment and discuss their individual concerns, wishes and the general circumstances in order to find the best new job for them within the Swiss healthcare system. We are very aware of what is important to those relocating to Switzerland. We build close, personal contact with our clients and always focus on the overall work-life balance, which may also include the needs of family members.

Step 1

Swiss HRmed does not perform recruiting itself, but is in close contact and communication with specialised partner agencies, most of which are based abroad. A specialised partner agency of this kind contacts us and sends us a dossier on a healthcare professional who is looking for a new employment opportunity in the Swiss healthcare sector.

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