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Step 4

In the spirit of an appreciative and trusting partnership, we will remain available to you and your new healthcare professional – and if necessary, even to their families – as a contact person in the future and beyond the employment relationship.

Step 3

If one of the dossiers is in line with your expectations, we will help put you in touch with the person looking for a position. With regard to further steps, such as arranging an appointment for a job interview, work shadowing, etc., you can then get in contact with the person directly if you wish.

Step 2

This discussion will give us a concrete idea of what you require, allowing us to define all of the relevant framework conditions. In accordance with the job profile, we will put together an initial selection of appropriate job-seeker dossiers for you, which we will present to you either in person on-site or by video conference.

Step 1

We will have a personal exchange with you on-site to find out all about you, your operations and your specific, individual staffing requirements.

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