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Bettina Schmid

My name is Bettina Schmid and I am Head of Radiology at Balgrist University Hospital

I trained as a radiology specialist and have now been in a management role for 13 years. For the past 3 years, I have had overall responsibility for the non-medical operation of our radiology department.

How did you get in touch with Swiss HRmed?

Brigit Friedrich contacted us in connection with a recruitment project and then came to the department in person to get to know our company. This is how our collaboration developed and grew.

What changes have you seen in the collaboration with Swiss HRmed for you and your team so far?

With Swiss HRmed, I have a partnership in recruitment that goes far beyond the usual procedure. The people who are looked after by Swiss HRmed have very good all-round care and I, as their line manager, am relieved by the services provided in connection with new hires. Especially when people from abroad have an external contact person, the team and I as their line manager are relieved to get off to a good start.

"What I appreciate about Swiss HRmed is the personal, friendly and trust-based support. The fact that Brigit knows both our profession and our clinic from her own experience makes all the difference for me."

What made you decide to implement the Lingua language concept?

The foreign language barrier is very high when it comes to accepting a job in Switzerland. Giving qualified staff the easy opportunity to learn the language in a short space of time lowers this barrier and gives me the freedom to recruit staff without any knowledge of German.

What does the introduction of the Lingua language concept mean for your team and personnel planning?

It gives the team a perspective that new colleagues will come and it gives me planning security that I can count on new employees in the foreseeable future.

What recommendations do you have for other organizations, in collaboration with Swiss HRmed and the language concept Lingua concerns?

I can only recommend the personal and understanding cooperation at eye level with Swiss HRmed. I think it's worth trying out the language concept if you're short of staff and being open to this type of recruitment.

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Esmee Kerens
My many years of experience and my career in the healthcare industry both in Switzerland and abroad enable me to provide support for any healthcare recruitment needs in a personalised and sustainable way.

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Swiss HRmed not only helped me (and with great success) to find a new job in Switzerland. They went far beyond the call of duty: They were always there to support and help me when I needed it.

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In a personal meeting with Brigit Friedrich from Swiss HRmed, I was very well informed about what this means and what it takes to make the move to Switzerland.

IPS nurse
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The language concept is a fascinating and inspiring experience for me, both in terms of learning the language and discovering new places and people.

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