Our well-founded education and professional background in the Swiss and international healthcare system provides the basis for expert support in the placement of medical professionals

As the owner of Swiss HRmed AG, I have the following experience:

  • Chief Operation Officer (COO), responsible for recruitment and staff placement in the healthcare sector

  • Manager Education of Medical Technical/Therapeutic Education (MTTE) in the Board of Director Nursing/MTTE

  • Applications Support & Education Manager Europe, Medical Devices

  • Many years of experience as a lecturer in the medical sector

  • Swiss Federal certification as personal assistant

  • Registered Radiographer, Swiss Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Swiss HRmed AG

Hinterbergstrasse 24
6312 Steinhausen
Phone +41 41 541 50 00


Brigit Friedrich
Business owner, CEO and member of the Board of Directors
Phone +41 41 541 50 00