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Tzina Skevi

I'm Tzina Skevi (37), a nursing specialist and I've been living in Zurich since October 2022

 I was born in Albania and then moved to Greece, where I have lived all my life. So I am both half Albanian and half Greek.

In 2015, I moved to Germany with my husband, where I completed my training and had my two children. After eight years, we moved to Switzerland and I have been working in IMC neurosurgery at a large hospital in Zurich ever since. I speak German, English, Greek, Albanian and a little Italian.

What education did you do in your home country?

I completed my training as a healthcare and nursing assistant in Germany in 2020.
In Greece, I attended and completed the training program for accounting assistant. When I moved to Germany, I decided to retrain as a healthcare and nursing assistant.

What kind of work ethic are you used to in your home country?

I find this question difficult to answer as I only acquired my training and professional experience after moving from my home country.

I was very worried about how I would start my life here in Switzerland, but I must honestly say that I received a very warm welcome from everyone. First and foremost by Swiss HRmed, who really gave me a sense of security.

What personal and/or typical characteristics from your culture do you take with you and are of benefit in Swiss healthcare?

I am a very open person and get along very well with all nationalities and religions, which helps me a lot to appreciate patients and people in general in my field of work, but also in my life, and to see them as people without discrimination.

I am a very friendly and cheerful person, so I create a pleasant atmosphere in the team and with the patients who are going through a difficult time, and perhaps most importantly: I love my job!

What contribution has Swiss HRmed made to your career?

Swiss HRmed gave me the opportunity to develop as a nurse in a country where the system is much better and where you can develop professionally and personally and not stand still. It even gave me the opportunity to give my family a life where they feel safe and recognized.

What has working in Switzerland brought you till now?

By working in an unfamiliar area (IMC) and an unfamiliar country, I was able to learn a lot and was given tasks that were also new to me, such as shift management. It also gave me the opportunity to further my professional development.

A look back: How were you received and empathised in Switzerland?

I was very worried about how I would start my life here, but I must honestly say that I received a very warm welcome from everyone. First and foremost by Brigit, who really made me feel safe, and Swiss HRmed in general accompanied me very closely and very personally in all my steps, for which I am very grateful.

My work colleagues also gave me a very warm welcome and always supported me, especially with my fear of Swiss German. Everyone was very understanding, patient, extremely helpful and polite.

A look ahead: What are your plans and ambitions here in Switzerland?

In 2025, I will start the advanced specialist training course, the IMC course, and after that I would like to continue my education and develop further in the healthcare sector.

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