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About Swiss HRmed

Our well-founded education and professional background in the Swiss and international healthcare system provides the basis for expert support in the placement of medical professionals
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Swiss HRmed is a leading expert in the field of recruiting professional medical staff for a diverse range of healthcare institutions, including hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Swiss HRmed understands the unique staffing needs and challenges faced by these organizations and goes above and beyond to identify, attract, and place highly skilled and qualified medical professionals in their respective roles.

Through their extensive industry knowledge and experience, Swiss HRmed has developed a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and the specific requirements for various medical positions. Leveraging their robust network and connections within the industry, Swiss HRmed possesses the capabilities to source and select top-tier candidates who not only possess the necessary medical qualifications but also possess the interpersonal skills and qualities that align with the culture and values of the hiring institutions.

Swiss HRmed prides itself on its meticulous and comprehensive recruitment process, which involves conducting thorough assessments, verifying credentials, and conducting in-depth interviews to evaluate a candidate's clinical expertise, professional experience, and suitability for the position. By employing a stringent screening process, they ensure that only the most qualified and competent medical professionals are presented to their clients, providing peace of mind and confidence in the recruitment decision.

Furthermore, Swiss HRmed recognizes the critical importance of timely and efficient staffing in the fast-paced healthcare environment. They are well-equipped to respond swiftly to the staffing needs of their clients, minimizing any disruptions and ensuring a seamless transition for both the medical professionals and the healthcare institutions. By taking care of the time-consuming administrative tasks associated with recruitment, Swiss HRmed allows healthcare institutions to concentrate on their primary focus of delivering exceptional patient care.

In conclusion, Swiss HRmed stands at the forefront of the industry when it comes to recruiting professional medical staff for hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions. Their extensive expertise, comprehensive approach, and dedication to excellence make them an invaluable partner in meeting the staffing needs of healthcare organizations and ultimately contributing to the provision of outstanding healthcare services to patients.
Meet Brigit
My many years of experience and my career in the healthcare industry both in Switzerland and abroad enable me to provide support for any healthcare recruitment needs in a personalised and sustainable way.

Specialised partner agencies

We bring together job-seekers and employers in healthcare professions. Swiss HRmed maintains a close partnership with specialised partner agencies. This is an ideal prerequisite for the thorough, sustainable and successful recruitment of healthcare professionals.

Support network

Of course, we also support people in Switzerland and abroad who have become aware of Swiss HRmed in a different way, for example by word of mouth, and who would like to take advantage of our extensive network within the healthcare sector.
Achieve new goals, step by step. For agencies, mainly those in other countries, we are the right point of contact when it comes to finding long-term employment for medical professionals in the Swiss healthcare industry. Our focus is always on people who want to make career changes for various reasons. We not only assist them in their search for a new employment opportunity, we also provide them with comprehensive support on their way to a new life phase in Switzerland.

This is how we support



Swiss HRmed does not perform recruiting itself, but is in close contact and communication with specialised partner agencies, most of which are based abroad. A specialised partner agency of this kind contacts us and sends us a dossier on a healthcare professional who is looking for a new employment opportunity in the Swiss healthcare sector.



After reviewing the file, we will personally contact the person seeking employment and discuss their individual concerns, wishes and the general circumstances in order to find the best new job for them within the Swiss healthcare system. We are very aware of what is important to those relocating to Switzerland. We build close, personal contact with our clients and always focus on the overall work-life balance, which may also include the needs of family members.



Our large network in the healthcare industry and our corresponding expertise enables us to evaluate suitable job offers and then discuss them personally with the person seeking employment. When positions are found in which the person seeking employment is interested, we will then put them in contact with the employer.


Contract signing

We support our stakeholders comprehensively and are available to everyone, even after a contract has been entered into successfully. Sustainable, long-term placement of staff is our ultimate goal. With this in mind, our clients can continue to come to us with any type of concern, whether professional or private.

Brigit Friedrich

As the owner of Swiss HRmed AG, I have the following experience:
  • Chief Operation Officer (COO), responsible for recruitment and staff placement in the healthcare sector
  • Manager Education of Medical Technical/Therapeutic Education (MTTE) in the Board of Director Nursing/MTTE
  • Applications Support & Education Manager Europe, Medical Devices
  • Many years of experience as a lecturer in the medical sector
  • Swiss Federal certification as personal assistant
  • Registered Radiographer, Swiss Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education

Esmee Kerens

Recruiter / Intermediary
As an employee, I bring the following experience:
  • Recruitment and staffing in the healthcare sector
  • Working as a certified nurse in Switzerland since 2019
  • Many years of experience in Swiss acute care: internal medicine, orthopedics and traumatology
  • Many years of experience in the Dutch health care system, in acute care, rehabilitation and geriatric care
  • Post Degree Business of Administration / BWL FH
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing / dipl. nursing FH
Personalized staffing
We offer personalized staffing solutions tailored to the specific needs of healthcare institutions and professionals.
Trustworthy partner
With years of experience in the industry, we have established a reputation for being a trustworthy partner in providing reliable and efficient staffing services.
Sustainable staffing
We emphasize sustainable staffing practices, ensuring long-term solutions that benefit both healthcare institutions and professionals.
Years of experience
With extensive years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, enabling them to effectively meet the staffing demands.